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    • Conductors of superelliptic curves 

      Kohls, Roman (Universität Ulm, 2019-11-28)
      The main object of this thesis are conductors associated to algebraic curves. For a superelliptic curve given by y^n=g(x) we give a decomposition of the conductor exponent at primes p not dividing n in n-1 terms such that ...
    • L-functions of curves of genus ≥ 3 

      Börner, Michel (Universität Ulm, 2016-11-14)
      We introduce an algorithm (written in Sage) for the L-functions of a large class of algebraic curves, and verify the expected functional equation numerically. Our computations are based on our previous results on stable ...
    • Resolution of tame cyclic quotient singularities on fibered surfaces 

      Steck, Christian (Universität Ulm, 2018-02-06)
      In this thesis we study the resolution of cyclic quotient singularities on fibered surfaces, i.e. given a cyclic quotient X, we are concerned with finding a regular modification X of X. This is done by adapting the ...