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  • Domination and forcing 

    Gentner, Michael (Universität Ulm, 2018-02-07)
    This thesis comprises the results of five research papers on domination and zero forcing. In "Largest Domination Number and Smallest Independence Number of Forests with given Degree Sequence" (Gentner, Henning, Rautenbach, ...
  • Essays on economic decision making 

    Dengler-Roscher, Kathrin (Universität Ulm, 2018-02-06)
    Diese Dissertation besteht aus vier Aufsätzen, die sich mit Situationen befassen, in welchen Menschen wirtschaftliche Entscheidungen treffen. Kapitel 1 beinhaltet ein Feldexperiment an der Universität Ulm, bei dem versucht ...
  • Resolution of tame cyclic quotient singularities on fibered surfaces 

    Steck, Christian (Universität Ulm, 2018-02-06)
    In this thesis we study the resolution of cyclic quotient singularities on fibered surfaces, i.e. given a cyclic quotient X, we are concerned with finding a regular modification X of X. This is done by adapting the ...
  • Geometric ergodicity of multivariate stochastic volatility models 

    Vestweber, Johanna (Universität Ulm, 2018-02-05)
    Several multivariate continuous time stochastic volatility models are studied regarding the existence of and exponentially fast convergence to a unique stationary distribution, which is called geometric ergodicity. The ...
  • Statistical analysis and stochastic modeling of meteorological and paleogeographical space-time data 

    Kriesche, Björn (Universität Ulm, 2018-02-05)
    In the present thesis, we develop novel stochastic models, statistical methods, and simulation algorithms for meteorological and paleogeographical space-time data. In this context, we aim to address two practical problems ...
  • Techno-economic evaluation of battery-electric taxis 

    Kochhan, Robert Peter (Universität Ulm, 2017-12-18)
    Public vehicles such as taxis are an essential part of urban transportation systems. They help to limit congestions and meet the mobility requirements of a growing urban population. Using battery-electric vehicles as taxis ...
  • On problems related to graph colouring 

    Gellert, Laura Kristin (Universität Ulm, 2017-11-24)
    In this thesis we study various problems from the prominent area of graph colourings. We provide a characterisation of t-perfect triangulations and quadrangulations of the projective plane. For the latter class, a novel ...
  • Exponential domination, exponential independence, and the clustering coefficient 

    Jäger, Simon (Universität Ulm, 2017-11-22)
    This dissertation contains four research papers. The first two papers are about exponential domination in graphs, which is a variant of domination in graphs. In the first paper, we show results about the corresponding ...
  • Hebbarkeit singulärer Mengen der m-Hesse-Gleichungen 

    Arslan, Hülya (Universität Ulm, 2017-11-06)
    In dieser Arbeit geben wir eine neue, weniger restriktive Forderung für die Hebbarkeit singulärer Mengen E von glatten Lösungen der m-Hesse Gleichung (und auch für allgemeinere nichtlineare elliptische Gleichungen) auf ...
  • Cycle decompositions and t-perfect graphs 

    Fuchs, Elke Monika (Universität Ulm, 2017-10-18)
    The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part deals with t-perfect graphs. A graph is called t-perfect if its stable set polytope is fully described by non-negativity, edge and odd-cycle constraints. We give ...

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