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      "Niedersachsisches Vorab" [1]
      "Niedersachsisches Vorab" through the "Quantum-and Nano Metrology (QUANOMET) [1]
      "PAKT fur Forschung und Innovation 2010 (LeibnizAgeNet: signaling pathways in age-related diseases)", DFG Collaborative research Centre [C02/InSt40/492-1] [1]
      "PiQUET" Project - Regione Piemonte "Infra-P" program of EU POR-FESR [1]
      "PolarCon" research group [1]
      "Quantum Optical Technologies" project within the International Research Agendas program of the Foundation for Polish Science [1]
      "Research Program in Biodiversity" (CNPq - PPBio) [1]
      "Research Project Biodiversity of Semiarid Brazil" (UEFS) [1]
      "Servicio de Biodiversidad" (Generalitat Valenciana) [1]
      "Solar Technologies go Hybrid" (SolTech) project [1]
      "Solar Technologies Go Hybrid" initiative of the German Federate State of Bavaria [1]
      "The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging-Structure, Dynamics and Control of Matter at the Atomic Scale" of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [1]
      "TSUBAME Encouragement Program for Young/Female Users" of Global Scientific Information and Computing Center at Tokyo Institute of Technology [1]
      "Zentrum fur Innovationskompetenz Humorale Immunreaktionen bei Kardiovaskularen Erkrankungen" (ZIK HIKE, Federal Ministry of Education and Research-BMBF) [FKZ 03Z2CN11, FKZ 03Z2CN12] [1]
      'Control of quantum correlations in tailored matter: common perspectives of mesoscopic systems and quantum gases' /Baden-Württemberg Stiftung [1]
      (DIISR, Australia) [CG 100059] [1]
      111 Project [B13029] [1]
      111 ProjectMinistry of Education, China - 111 Project [B13029] [2]
      7th EU Framework Programme [1]
      7th EU Framework Programme Marie Curie FP7 Integration Grant [321971] [1]