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Zitiere als: Nour El Din, Suzanne (2017): Azurin (P28) fusion protein mediated photodynamic therapy in the treatment of malignant tumors. Open Access Repositorium der Universität Ulm. Dissertation. http://dx.doi.org/10.18725/OPARU-4510

AutorNour El Din, Suzannedc.contributor.author
In OPARU verfügbar seit2017-09-13T07:35:59Zdc.date.available
Jahr der Erstellung2016dc.date.created
Datum der Erstveröffentlichung2017-09-13dc.date.issued
ZusammenfassungAzurin is a bacterial protein produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa with known anticancer properties. A peptide fragment of Azurin (P28) has shown to preferentially enter cancer cells and is responsible for the antitumor effect without affecting neighboring normal cells. We monitored the uptake of EcFbFp (Escherichia coli Flavin mononucleotide binding protein) and the fusion proteins that are composed of P28 and EcFbFp in A549 and MCF7 cells lines. Furthermore, it was investigated the uptake of EcFpFp and the fusion protein using confocal microscopy and western blot. The cytotoxic effect of the combined therapy was assessed using MTT assay. A significant cytotoxic effect (<0.001) was achieved in breast and lung cancer cell lines when treating the cells with the combined therapy in comparison to blue light alone. Also a significant cytotoxic effect was obtained (<0.001) when treating the cells with the fusion proteins compared to EcFbFp. Additionally, the stability of the fusion proteins relative to pH and temperature was assessed. Finally, the amount of ROS (reactive oxygen species) was quantified using H2DCFDA. A significant amount of ROS was observed when treating both cancer cell lines with the fusion proteins and blue light relative to EcFbFp or blue light alone. Here, we propose a new photosensitizer to be used in the photodynamic therapy. This photosensitizer has the ability to target cancer cell and exert a site-specific cytotoxic effect.dc.description.abstract
Verbreitende StelleUniversität Ulmdc.publisher
Link zum Lizenztexthttps://oparu.uni-ulm.de/xmlui/license_v3dc.rights.uri
SchlagwortPhotodynamic therapydc.subject
SchlagwortBreast cancerdc.subject
DDC-SachgruppeDDC 610 / Medicine & healthdc.subject.ddc
MeSHBreast neoplasms; Therapydc.subject.mesh
MeSHLung neoplasms; Therapydc.subject.mesh
MeSHPhotosensitizing agentsdc.subject.mesh
MeSHReactive oxygen speciesdc.subject.mesh
TitelAzurin (P28) fusion protein mediated photodynamic therapy in the treatment of malignant tumorsdc.title
Datum der Annahme2017-06-23dcterms.dateAccepted
GutachterRosenau, Frankdc.contributor.referee
GutachterWeil, Tanjadc.contributor.referee
GNDFotodynamische Therapiedc.subject.gnd
FakultätFakultät für Naturwissenschaftenuulm.affiliationGeneral
InstitutionKompetenzzentrum "Ulm Peptide Pharmaceuticals (U-PEP)"uulm.affiliationSpecific
Titelverleihende FakultätFakultät für Naturwissenschaftenuulm.thesisGrantor

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