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AutorMüller, Michaeldc.contributor.author
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Jahr der Erstellung2016dc.date.created
Datum der Erstveröffentlichung2016-09-30dc.date.issued
ZusammenfassungEvent sourcing is a style of software architecture wherein state altering operations to an application are captured as immutable events. Each event is appended to an event log, with the current state of a system derived from this series of events. This thesis addresses the utilization of retroactive capabilities in event-sourced systems: computing alternate application states, post hoc bug fixes, or the support of algorithms which have access to their own history, for example. The possibility of retroactively accessing and modifying this event log is a potential capability of an event-sourced system, but a detailed exploration how these operations can be facilitated and supported has not yet been conducted. We examine how retroaction can be applied to event-sourced systems and discuss conceptual considerations. Furthermore, we demonstrate how different architectures can be used to provide retroaction and describe the prototypical implementation of an appropriate programming model. These findings are applied in the Chronograph research project, in order to utilize potential temporal aspects of this platform.dc.description.abstract
Verbreitende StelleUniversität Ulmdc.publisher
LizenzCC BY 4.0 Internationaldc.rights
Link zum Lizenztexthttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/dc.rights.uri
SchlagwortEvent sourcingdc.subject
SchlagwortRetroactive computingdc.subject
DDC-SachgruppeDDC 004 / Data processing & computer sciencedc.subject.ddc
MeSHSoftware architecturedc.subject.mesh
TitelEnabling retroactive computing through event sourcingdc.title
RessourcentypAbschlussarbeit (Master; Diplom)dc.type
Datum der Annahme2016dcterms.dateAccepted
GutachterKargl, Frankdc.contributor.referee
GutachterHauck, Franz J.dc.contributor.referee
FakultätFakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Informatik und Psychologieuulm.affiliationGeneral
InstitutionInstitut für Verteilte Systemeuulm.affiliationSpecific
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