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AuthorHofer, Eberhard
Date of
Available in OPARU
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PublisherUniversität Ulmdc.publisher
Keywordinterval arithmeticdc.subject
Keywordreachability analysisdc.subject
Keywordobservability analysisdc.subject
Keywordrobust stabilitydc.subject
Keywordmodel-based design of optimal controllersdc.subject
Dewey Decimal GroupDDC 000 / Computer science, information & general worksdc.subject.ddc
Dewey Decimal GroupDDC 510 / Mathematicsdc.subject.ddc
Dewey Decimal GroupDDC 600 / Technology (Applied sciences)dc.subject.ddc
TitleVerification Techniques for Sensitivity Analysis and Design of Controllers for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems with Uncertaintiesdc.title
Resource typeWissenschaftlicher Artikeldc.type
FacultyFakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Informatik und Psychologieuulm.affiliationGeneral
InstitutionInstitut für Mess-, Regel- und Mikrotechnikuulm.affiliationSpecific
DCMI TypeTextuulm.typeDCMI
DOI (external)10.2478/v10006-009-0035-1dc.identifier.doiExternal
Source - Title of sourceInternational journal of applied mathematics and computer sciencesource.title
Source - Place of publicationTechnical University of Zielona Górasource.publisher
Source - Volume19source.volume
Source - Issue3source.issue
Source - Year2009source.year
Source - From page425source.fromPage
Source - To page439source.toPage
Source - ISSN1641-876Xsource.identifier.issn
Source - eISSN2083-8492source.identifier.eissn
Open AccessBronzeuulm.OA
CommunityFakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Informatik und

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