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AuthorHaase, Jan
AuthorPlenio, Martin
Date of
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PublisherUniversität Ulmdc.publisher
Dewey Decimal GroupDDC 530 / Physicsdc.subject.ddc
TitleParallel selective nuclear-spin addressing for fast high-fidelity quantum gatesdc.title
Resource typeWissenschaftlicher Artikeldc.type
FacultyFakultät für Naturwissenschaftenuulm.affiliationGeneral
InstitutionCenter for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology (IQST)uulm.affiliationSpecific
InstitutionInstitut für Theoretische Physikuulm.affiliationSpecific
DCMI TypeTextuulm.typeDCMI
DOI (external)10.1103/PhysRevA.103.012607dc.identifier.doiExternal
Source - Title of sourcePhysical Review Asource.title
Source - Place of publicationAmerican Physical Societysource.publisher
Source - Volume103source.volume
Source - Issue1source.issue
Source - Year2021source.year
Source - Article number012607source.articleNumber
Source - ISSN2469-9926source.identifier.issn
Source - eISSN2469-9934source.identifier.eissn
EU projectBIOQ / Diamond Quantum Devices and Biology / EC / FP7 / 319130uulm.projectEU
EU projectHyperQ / Quantum hyperpolarisation for ultrasensitive nuclear magnetic resonance and imaging / EC / H2020 / 856432uulm.projectEU
EU projectASTERIQS / Advancing Science and TEchnology thRough dIamond Quantum Sensing / EC / H2020 / 820394uulm.projectEU
EU projectHYPERDIAMOND / The Diamond Revolution in Hyperpolarized MR Imaging - Novel Platform and Nanoparticle Targeted Probe / EC / H2020 / 667192uulm.projectEU
Suitable communityFakultät für
University Bibliographyjauulm.unibibliographie

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