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AbstractAutomotive Test Case Specifications document test cases to be performed for a specific test object at a defined test level during the automotive test process. A test case specification involves different actors, such as test designers, testers or reviewers, each of whom has a different context of use, for example, creation, processing or quality assurance. Based on feedback from industry practitioners, it is known that faulty test case specifications exist and that their quality is poor. A faulty test case specification entails that testing takes too much time, is too expensive, and, in some cases, testing has no effect and no defects are detected. In order to investigate which challenges are related to the creation, processing and quality assurance of automotive test case specifications that influence quality, we first conducted an exploratory case study and then a descriptive study. For this purpose we provide the study material used for these two studies.dc.description.abstract
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TitleChallenges Concerning Test Case Specifications in Automotive Software Testing: Study Material of the Exploratory Case Study and the Descriptive Surveydc.title
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