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    • 5 Jahre Psychologie: 2010 ... 2015 

      Wilhelm, Oliver (Universität Ulm, 2016-08-01)
      In fünf Jahren, von 2010 bis 2015, eines der größeren Institute für Psychologie in Deutschland aufzubauen, ist keine geringe Leistung. Die Nachfrage nach unserem Studienangebot ist überwältigend. Mit Unterstützung des ...
    • A companion-system architecture for realizing individualized and situation-adaptive user assistance 

      Bercher, Pascal; Richter, Felix; Honold, Frank; Nielsen, Florian; Schüssel, Felix; Geier, Thomas; Hoernle, Thilo; Reuter, Stephan; Höller, Daniel; Behnke, Gregor; Dietmayer, Klaus; Minker, Wolfgang; Weber, Michael; Biundo, Susanne (Universität Ulm, 2018-12-19)
      We show how techniques from various research areas – most notably hierarchical planning, dialog management, and interaction management – can be employed to realize individualized and situation-adaptive user assistance. We ...
    • A complete and terminating execution model for Constraint Handling Rules 

      Raiser, Frank; Betz, Hariolf; Frühwirth, Thom
      We observe that the various formulations of the operational semantics of Constraint Handling Rules proposed over the years fall into a spectrum ranging from the analytical to the pragmatic. While existing analytical ...
    • A formal framework for data-aware process interaction models 

      Knuplesch, David; Pryss, Rüdiger; Reichert, Manfred
      IT support for distributed and collaborative workflows as well as related interactions between business partners are becoming increasingly important. For modeling such partner interactions as flow of message exchanges, ...
    • A formal semantics of time patterns for process-aware information systems 

      Lanz, Andreas; Reichert, Manfred; Weber, Barbara
      Companies increasingly adopt process-aware information systems (PAISs) to coordinate, monitor and evolve their business processes. Although the proper handling of temporal constraints (e.g. deadlines and minimum time lags ...
    • A guided tour through TYPELAB* 

      Luther, Marko; Strecker, Martin
      This report gives a survey of TYPELAB, a specification and verification environment that integrates interactive proof development and automated proof search. TYPELAB is based on a constructive type theory, the Calculus of ...
    • A slightly improved upper bound on the size of weights sufficient to represent any linearly separable Boolean function 

      Schmitt, Michael
      The maximum absolute value of integral weights sufficient to represent any linearly separable Boolean function is investigated. It is shown that upper bounds exhibited by Muraga (1971) for rational weights satisfying the ...
    • Adjustment strategies for non-compliant process instances 

      Rinderle-Ma, Stefanie; Reichert, Manfred
      Enabling changes at both process type and process instance level is an essential requirement for any adaptive process-aware information system (PAIS). Particularly, it should be possible to migrate a (long-)running process ...
    • Advanced RF frontend technology using micromachined SiGe (ARTEMIS) 

      Schumacher, Hermann
      An attractive band is the 250 MHz wide 24 GHz ISM band, which is available globally without specific licenses. Bringing systems utilizing the upper microwave range into consumer applications is primarily a question of ...
    • Again on recognition and parsing of context free grammars: two exercises in transformational programming 

      Partsch, Helmut
      This paper deals with two aspects of transformational programming, viz. the formal derivation of logic programs from non-operational specifications and the construction of algorithms to solve problems formally specified ...
    • An operational semantics for the extended compliance rule graph language 

      Knuplesch, David; Reichert, Manfred (Universität Ulm, 2017-08-24)
      A challenge for any enterprise is to ensure conformance of its business processes with imposed compliance rules. Usually, the latter may constrain multiple perspectives of a business process, including control ow, data, ...
    • Analyzing the impact of process change operations on time-aware processes 

      Lanz, Andreas; Reichert, Manfred
      The proper handling of temporal process constraints is crucial in many application domains. Contemporary process-aware information systems (PAIS), however, lack a sophisticated support of time-aware processes. As a particular ...
    • Arbeitstreffen Typtheorie - Zusammenfassung der Beiträge 

      Henke, Friedrich Wilhelm von; Rueß, Harald
    • Aufbereitung von gescannten Röntgenbildern zur filmlosen Diagnostik 

      Kehrer, Jürgen; Schulthess, Peter
      Ziel dieses Projektes ist die Übertragung von Röntgenbildern von einer zentralen Stelle, an der die Bilder digitalisiert und gespeichert werden, zu entfernten Empfangsstationen. Um die Transferdauer zu verkürzen und für ...
    • Basic considerations on business process quality 

      Reichert, Manfred; Lohrmann, Matthias
      Quality management practices in manufacturing and logistics have led to proven results for organisations with respect to competitiveness and portability. At the same time, business process management not only addresses a ...
    • Boolean networks for modeling and analysis of gene regulation 

      Zhou, Dao; Müssel, Christoph; Lausser, Ludwig; Hopfensitz, Martin; Kühl, Michael; Kestler, Hans A.
      Gene-regulatory networks control the expression of genes and therefore the phenotype of cells. Modeling and simulation of such networks can provide deep insights into the functioning of cells. Boolean networks are a commonly ...
    • Bounded truth-table and conjunctive reductions to sparse and tally sets 

      Arvind, Vikraman; Köbler, Johannes; Mundhenk, Martin
      In this paper we study the consequences of the existence of sparse hard sets for different complexity classes under certain types of deterministic, randomized and nondeterministic reductions. We show that if an NP-complete ...
    • CACTOS toolkit version 1: project deliverable D5.2.1 

      Groenda, Henning; Stier, Christian; Krzywda, Jakub; Byrne, James; Svorobej, Sergej; Papazachos, Zafeirios; Sheridan, Craig; Whigham, Darren; Östberg, Per-Olov (Universität Ulm, 2017-04-21)
      In Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud data centres, customers can run their software on the virtualized infrastructure of a data centre. They benefit from easy scalability and pay-as-you-go payment models and are ...
    • CACTOS toolkit version 2: accompanying document for prototype deliverable D5.2.2 

      Groenda, Henning; Stier, Christian; Krzywda, Jakub; Byrne, James; Svorobej, Sergej; Castañé, Gabriel González; Papazachos, Zafeirios; Sheridan, Craig; Whigham, Darren; Hauser, Christopher; Tsitsipas, Athanasios; Domaschka, Jörg; Ali-Eldin, Ahmed; Östberg, Per-Olov (Universität Ulm, 2017-04-21)
      This document is accompanying material for the prototype deliverable D5.2.2. It describes the changes for the second version of the CACTOS Toolkit and provides details on the integration between the tools and toolkits. A ...