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    • A debating ontology for argumentative dialogue systems 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Langhammer, Saskia (Universität Ulm, 2018-06-01)
      This thesis designs and implements an ontology which encodes the argumentative structure of natural language debates. This Debating Ontology will constitute the database for a prospective Argumentative Dialogue System, ...
    • Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Lutz, Roman
      There has already been a lot of research on Local Search Heuristics in Computer Science. Local Search improves an initial solution by manipulating rather small parts of the solution. Large Neighborhood Search (LNS) has a ...
    • Boolsche Gleichungssysteme, SAT Solver und Stromchiffren 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Pilz, Enrico
      In dieser Arbeit wird ein algebraischer State-Recovery-Angriff auf zwei Stromchiffren Bivium und Trivium vorgestellt. Die Spezifikation der Chiffren wird auf zwei Arten in ein dünn besetztes Gleichungssystem umgesetzt und ...
    • Comparison of concurrency frameworks for the Java virtual machine 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Kühner, Thomas
      Due to Multi-core CPUs, concurrent programming is increasingly important when developing responsive and scalable applications. The programming language Java provides low-level building blocks such as threads and monitors. ...
    • Controlling an intelligent operating room with spoken language 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Gerstenlauer, Nadine (Universität Ulm, 2017-09-20)
      With the emergence of new technologies, the surgical working environment becomes increasingly complex and comprises many medical devices which have to be taken care of. However, the operating personnel cannot be extended ...
    • Efficient sphere decoding 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Falke, Marco
      The continuously growing amount of wireless data can only be delivered by making use of computationally intense technology. Such technology results in a higher spectral efficiency and consequently in a higher data throughput. ...
    • Konzeption und Umsetzung von Live-Migration für Docker-Container 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Winkelhofer, Sascha (Universität Ulm, 2019-03-21)
      Durch die zunehmende Umsetzung von Microservice-Ansätzen unter Nutzung von Container-Technologien zur Abstraktion und Isolation wird auch die Nachfrage nach Portabilität größer. Ein Weg diese zu erreichen ohne einen Service ...
    • Measuring the stability of emotion specific empathy using the German version of the Emotion Specific Empathy Questionnaire (ESE) 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Pawlitzki, Markus (Universität Ulm, 2019-10-09)
      Knowing what another person is feeling and feeling that same emotion too is what empathy enables us to do. However, since there are various different emotions, the question becomes if we feel the same empathetic response ...
    • Verfahren zur adaptiven Bitrateneinstellung des CAN Bus mit Langzeitmonitoring bei hybriden Topologien 

      Abschlussarbeit (Bachelor)
      Hinz, Philipp (Universität Ulm, 2019-08-06)
      Content of this thesis is the development of an adaptive robust process to automatically reach the maximum data rate on the CAN bus in home automation. This is supported by an automatic adjustment of the impedance to ...