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    • High-resolution 160 GHz imaging MIMO radar using MMICs with on-chip frequency synthesizers 

      Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
      Dürr, André; Schwarz, Dominik; Häfner, Stephan; Geiger, Martin; Roos, Fabian; Hitzler, Martin; Hügler, Philipp; Thomä, Reiner; Waldschmidt, Christian (Universität Ulm, 2019-04-09)
      A high-resolution frequency modulated continuous wave imaging radar for short-range applications is presented. A range resolution of about 1cm is achieved with a bandwidth of up to 16GHz around 160GHz. In order to overcome ...
    • Leakage phase noise mitigation for monostatic FMCW radar sensors using carrier transmission 

      Beitrag zu einer Konferenz
      Dürr, André; Schweizer, Benedikt; Waldschmidt, Christian (Universität Ulm, 2019-08-06)
      One common problem of frequency modulated continuous wave radar is leakage from the transmitter to the receiver. The leakage power is orders of magnitude larger than the target return power and appears as a very strong ...
    • Phase noise mitigation for multistatic FMCW radar sensor networks using carrier transmission 

      Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
      Dürr, André; Schweizer, Benedikt; Bechter, Jonathan; Waldschmidt, Christian (Universität Ulm, 2018-11-13)
      For incoherent radar sensor networks, it is desirable to perform both monostatic and bistatic distance measurements. Especially, the bistatic measurements enable to achieve additional information about a target. As for ...