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    • High power nanocrystalline diamond RF MEMS - a combined look at mechanical and microwave properties 

      Beitrag zu einer Konferenz
      Balachandran, Srinath; Kusterer, Joachim; Maier, David; Dipalo, Michele; Weller, Thomas; Kohn, Erhard
      In this paper, thermally actuated nanocrystalline diamond bridges are presented. Intrinsic and boron doped NCD films have been grown on low resistive silicon wafer. Young’s modulus of 1020 GPa was measured using a ...
    • High temperature stability of nitride-based power HEMTs 

      Beitrag zu einer Konferenz
      Maier, David; Alomari, Mohammed; Kohn, Erhard; Diforte-Poisson, Marie-Antoinette; Dua, Christian; Delage, Sylvain L.; Grandjean, Nicolas; Carlin, Jean-Francois; Chuvilin, Andrey; Kaiser, Ute; Troadec, David; Gaquière, Christophe
      The temperature stability of InAlN/GaN heterostructure FETs has been tested by a stepped temperature test routine under large signal operation conditions. Devices have been successfully operated up to 900 °C for 50 hrs. ...
    • Testing the temperature limits of GaN-based HEMT devices 

      Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
      Maier, David; Alomari, Mohammed; Grandjean, Nicolas; Carlin, Jean-Francois; Diforte-Poisson, Marie-Antoinette; Dua, Christian; Chuvilin, Andrey; Troadec, David; Gaquière, Christophe; Kaiser, Ute; Delage, Sylvain L.; Kohn, Erhard
      The high temperature stability of AlGaN/GaN and lattice-matched InAlN/GaN heterostructure FETs has been evaluated by a stepped temperature test routine under large-signal operation. While AlGaN/GaN high-electron mobility ...