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    • A 160-GHz radar with flexible antenna used as a sniffer probe 

      Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
      Geiger, Martin; Hitzler, Martin; Saulig, Stefan; Iberle, Johannes; Hügler, Philipp; Waldschmidt, Christian (Universität Ulm, 2017-06)
      In radar measurements the observed area is limited by the antenna beamwidth and due to the usually fixed transceiver position, only unhidden targets in a small observation area can be detected. Furthermore, bulky lens ...
    • A dielectric lens antenna fed by a flexible dielectric waveguide at 160 GHz 

      Beitrag zu einer Konferenz
      Geiger, Martin; Hitzler, Martin; Iberle, Johannes; Waldschmidt, Christian (Universität Ulm, 2017-05-18)
      Flexible antennas in radar applications enable the user to go around obstacles or detect targets at hidden places. In this paper, two elliptical lenses of different size made of high density polyethylene and stacked on ...