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    • MEMS SiGe technologies for advanced wireless communications 

      Beitrag zu einer Konferenz
      Busquère, J. P.; Do, N.; Bougriha, F.; Pons, P.; Grenier, K.; Dubuc, D.; Boukabache, A.; Schumacher, Hermann; Abele, Peter; Rydberg, Anders; Öjefors, Erik; Ancey, P.; Bouche, G.; Plana, R.
      This paper shows the potentialities of merging the MEMS and micromachining with SiGe technologies in order to speed up the performances of the next generation of front ends in terms of flexibility, reconfigurability and ...
    • Monolithic integration of a folded dipole antenna with a 24-GHz receiver in SiGe HBT technology 

      Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
      Öjefors, Erik; Sönmez, Ertugrul; Chartier, Sébastien; Lindberg, Peter; Schick, Christoph; Rydberg, Anders; Schumacher, Hermann
      The integration of an on-chip folded dipole antenna with a monolithic 24-GHz receiver manufactured in a 0.8-µm SiGe HBT process is presented. A high-resistivity silicon substrate (1000 cm) is used for the implemented circuit ...