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AuthorMarques, Taina
Authorvan Rumund,
AuthorKuiperij, H.
AuthorEsselink, Rianne A.
AuthorBloem, Bastiaan
AuthorVerbeek, Marcel
Date of
Available in OPARU
Date of first
PublisherUniversität Ulmdc.publisher
Dewey Decimal GroupDDC 610 / Medicine & healthdc.subject.ddc
TitleSerum NFL discriminates Parkinson disease from atypical parkinsonismsdc.title
Resource typeWissenschaftlicher Artikeldc.type
InstitutionUKU. Klinik für Neurologieuulm.affiliationSpecific
DCMI TypeTextuulm.typeDCMI
DOI (external)10.1212/WNL.0000000000007179dc.identifier.doiExternal
Source - Title of sourceNeurologysource.title
Source - Place of publicationLippincott, Williams & Wilkinssource.publisher
Source - Volume92source.volume
Source - Issue13source.issue
Source - Year2019source.year
Source - From pageE1479source.fromPage
Source - To pageE1486source.toPage
Source - ISSN0028-3878source.identifier.issn
Source - eISSN1526-632Xsource.identifier.eissn
EU projectFAIR-PARK-II / Conservative iron chelation as a disease-modifying strategy in Parkinson’s disease: a multicentric, parallel-group, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial of deferiprone / EC / H2020 / 633190uulm.projectEU
FundingConselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico (CNPq), Brazil [249032/2013-9]uulm.funding
Fundingvan Alkemade-Keuls Fondsuulm.funding
FundingJPND network (PreFrontAls)uulm.funding
FundingGerman Federal Ministry of Education and Research [FTLDc O1GI1007]uulm.funding
FundingEU [FAIRPARK II 633190]uulm.funding
FundingBaden-Württemberg Stiftung, Germany [D.3830]uulm.funding
FundingThierry Latran Foundationuulm.funding
FundingALS Associationuulm.funding
Suitable communityUniversitätsklinikum
University Bibliographyjauulm.unibibliographie

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