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AuthorDel Tredici,
Date of
Available in OPARU
Date of first
PublisherUniversität Ulmdc.publisher
Dewey Decimal GroupDDC 610 / Medicine & healthdc.subject.ddc
TitleAnterior Cingulate Cortex TDP-43 Pathology in Sporadic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosisdc.title
Resource typeWissenschaftlicher Artikeldc.type
InstitutionUKU. Klinik für Neurologieuulm.affiliationSpecific
InstitutionZentrum für Biomedizinische Forschung Ulmuulm.affiliationSpecific
DCMI TypeTextuulm.typeDCMI
DOI (external)10.1093/jnen/nlx104dc.identifier.doiExternal
Source - Title of sourceJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurologysource.title
Source - Place of publicationOxford University Presssource.publisher
Source - Volume77source.volume
Source - Issue1source.issue
Source - Year2018source.year
Source - From page74source.fromPage
Source - To page83source.toPage
Source - ISSN0022-3069source.identifier.issn
Source - eISSN1554-6578source.identifier.eissn
FundingHans and Ilse Breuer Foundation (Frankfurt am Main)uulm.funding
Open AccessBronzeuulm.OA
Suitable communityUniversitätsklinikum
University Bibliographyjauulm.unibibliographie

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