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AuthorEbeling, Karl
Date of
Available in OPARU
Date of first
PublisherUniversität Ulmdc.publisher
Dewey Decimal GroupDDC 620 / Engineering & allied operationsdc.subject.ddc
TitleVCSEL Technology for Imaging and Sensor Systems Applicationsdc.title
Resource typeBeitrag zu einer Konferenzdc.type
FacultyFakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Informatik und Psychologieuulm.affiliationGeneral
InstitutionInstitut für Optoelektronikuulm.affiliationSpecific
DCMI TypeTextuulm.typeDCMI
Source - Title of source2017 22nd Microoptics Conference (MOC)source.title
Source - PublisherNew Yorksource.publisherPlace
Source - Place of publicationInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineerssource.publisher
Source - Year2017source.year
Source - From page20source.fromPage
Source - To page21source.toPage
Source - ISBN978-4-8634-8609-6source.identifier.isbn
Conference name22nd Microoptics Conference (MOC)uulm.conferenceName
Conference placeUniv Tokyo, Inst Ind Sci, Japanuulm.conferencePlace
Conference start date2017-11-19uulm.conferenceStartDate
Conference end date2017-11-22uulm.conferenceEndDate
CommunityFakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Informatik und

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