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    • Acceleration methods for ray tracing based global illumination 

      Dammertz, Holger
      The generation of photorealistic images is one of the major topics in computer graphics. By using the principles of physical light propagation, images that are indistinguishable from real photographs can be generated. This ...
    • Progressive point-light-based global illumination 

      Dammertz, Holger; Keller, Alexander; Lensch, Hendrik P. A.
      We present a physically-based progressive global illumination system that is capable of simulating complex lighting situations robustly by efficiently using both light and eye paths. Specifically, we combine three distinct ...
    • Simulation of Fluorescent Concentrators 

      Beitrag zu einer Konferenz
      Bendig, Marion; Hanika, Johannes; Dammertz, Holger; Goldschmidt, Jan Christoph; Peters, Marius; Weber, Michael (Universität Ulm, 2008)